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"For this work, Zuydervelt uses drums/percussion sounds in his six pieces, all of course highly processed in whatever fine fashion Zuydervelt employs for his music. But, not for the first time, we also hear the percussion in their original state. The bowed, scraping of cymbals, which emerge from the opening drones of 'Perfect Contact' for instance, but also the percussive hazyness of 'Slapping Dance', which deems me perfect suitable for a dance production, or the solemnly played 'Manipulation'. But a piece like 'Kostyas Solo' is trademark Machinefabriek: lots of drones, crackles, deep bass and static hiss. These two sides may seem opposites but they are not, really. They make up a great and varied album, with Zuydervelt further expanding his sound pallette. A great album!

Vital Weekly, 14 January 2014