Astroneer Volume 2

1. Cave 1
2. Gathering 6
3. Gathering 7
4. Cave 2
5. Danger 3
6. Danger 4
7. Cave 3
8. Gathering 8
9. Gathering 9
10. Cave 4
11. Cave 5
12. Exploration 7
13. Exploration 8
14. Exploration 9
15. Cave 6
16. Gameplay 8
17. Gameplay 9
18.  Solar Score

cd/download, 15 December 2017

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Since the succesful launch of the sci-fi adventure game Astroneer, the developers at System Era tworked hard on making the game better, and expanding it. And with this expansion, a whole lot of additional music was needed. Of the 50 or so new themes, I selected my favorite 18 and edited them to the versions found on this new Volume 2 album.

Compared to the first volume, I'd say the tracks on this album are a bit more beat-oriented and robust. Maybe a bit more playful as well. In any case, it's quite different to my regular output as Machinefabriek.

If you're a gamer (which, strangely, I am not), and you haven't checked out Astroneer yet, you should. It's a beautifully made, medative and exciting game, available for PC and Xbox. More info about the in the Steam link below.

The Astroneer Volume 2 album is released digitally (streaming and as download), and on CD, in a limited edition of 150 copies.

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