1. BECOMING cd version
2. BECOMING live in Bassano (digital only)

cd/download, October 2017

In BECOMING, choreographer Iván Pérez shows an ever-changing world, a world in motion. The dancers move with or against the flow, continuously influenced by encounters and experiences. Mesmerising entanglements take you to infinite places that intrigue and reveal. The physical and emotional style of Pérez,  accompanied by the electronic music of Rutger Zuydervelt. BECOMING inspires you to reflect on who you are, your relation to others and what we become.

BECOMING is the fourth dance piece by Dutch/Spanish choreographer Iván Pérez to feature an original soundtrack by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). After ‘Hide & Seek’, ‘Attention the doors are closing’, and ‘Exhausting Space’, the duo sharpened their collaboration with a new piece by having the music performed live on stage for the first time. The choreography and music were created simultaneously, rehearsing together, and developing a movement and sound ‘vocabulary’ for the piece. The end result is structured, but still leaves a lot of room for improvisation in order to keep a natural flow. Each performance is different, with the musician and the dancers (Wei Yun Chen, Majon van der Schot, and Christopher Tandy) having a real-time dialogue.

The cd has a version of the score that assembled form recordings made at the final rehearsals for the piece. The download (also included with the cd) also has a live recording of the première at Operaestate Festival/B.Motion Danza 2017 in Bassano, Italy, August 2017.