1. Nerf
2. Love Conquers Everything
3. WinterWende
4. Solo for Voice 51
5. The Unharmed Harp
6. Kleurenrivier
7. Ivory Ghosts
8. Sluimer
9. New Variations
10. Selfish Soundtrack
11. A Mythical Story
12. The Desolate Delay
13. Since the Dawn of Time
14. Meltdown
15. Vowls

Compilation on Zoharum, February 2017

Assemblage is a collection of short film soundtracks, and pieces that appeared on compilation albums and out-of-print CD-Rs.


Vital Weekly

For the review of 'Assemblage', Machinefabriek's fifth album on Zoharum, I went back to the fourth one for the same label, 'Dubbeltjes', reviewed in Vital Weekly 925, which said: "here at Vital Weekly a lot of music released by Machinefabriek is discussed, but there is a lot more than doesn't make it here, as Machinefabriek is also very active in the field of highly limited vinyl, lathe cut records and cassette only releases. Luckily he is well known enough to have every now and then a compilation of these rarities, such as 'Dubbeltjes' ('dimes'). Here we have two pieces from compilations plus two 7"s, a lathe cut 5", a cassette and a 3"CDR, twelve pieces in total." From there on the review discussed various pieces on the release. 'Assemblage' is a similar collection of oddities, recorded between 2010 and 2016 and unlike the previous, which was forty-eight minutes, this new one is much longer, clocking in at seventy minutes. If I would be lazy, which I usually am, I could copy some more lines of that previous review and change some of the titles around, as many of the pieces on this release see Rutger Zuydervelt exploring the boundaries of ambient guitar sound meeting with musique concrete; sometimes quite separate from each other, but more and more inside the space of a single piece, which is where his work is now heading to more and more (say for instance his recent 'Crumble' release). Die hard fans probably have most of these in their original released form, completists want this anyway; all the others who are interested could see this a peek into the current development of Machinefabriek. So it is a must for all.