Anne Bakker | René Aquarius | Rutger Zuydervelt

Hallucine (33:33)

cd/dl/stream on Consouling Sounds
October 29 2021

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Hallucine was never meant to exist. That’s to say; the initial recordings made by Anne Bakker and René Aquarius were meant for separate projects, but when juxtapositioned by Rutger Zuydervelt, their combination proved utterly intriguing. Starting from this chance encounter, the three musicians refined the composition with subtle overdubs and detailed editing. The resulting 33-minute piece is an elusive patchwork of violin, percussion, vocals, field recordings, and electronics. In Hallucine, the division between found sound and (acoustic and electronic) instrumentation is blurred into a spectral hallucination.


Hallucine siet mockup

Hallucine siet mockup